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With the performance comprehensive optimization, TRANS becoming better and safer.

Continuously improve the safety configuration standards of intelligent lift.

Fully upgraded configuration, fully optimized performance

Enjoy the convenience by intelligent homelift anytime and anywhere


TRANS adopts a unique patent lift motor----e-Motor series, which is equipped with high efficiency machine with reliable and powerful engine.

e-Controller C

We have introduced advanced VVVF control technology and adopted CAN-Bus, the new generation of communication technology, to make the lift run more stable, more accurate, and safer. The whole system adopts unique fault-prevention plug-in and the elevator employs the latest wireless debugging mode to ensure quick installation and follow-up maintenance. Delicate and compact design of the elevator with simple while grand appearance has greatly reduced the required space, which can be installed flexibly.

e-Power C(Optional)

Users can add this device according to their situations. When the elevator runs into a sudden power failure in the building, e-Power C will quickly provide power to the elevator to run to the nearest floor and ensure the passengers to leave the elevator safely. A clear power display on the e-PowerC allows users or maintenance personnel to observe the battery clearly.

Lucky Disc

Lucky Disc is an internal control Disc specially developed for Series E product, integrating floor buttons with a one-button emergency calling system. The drop-like translucent buttons can be fixed anywhere in the lift car, which are not only convenient to the users but also are the symbol of luck.

Hall call panel

The hall call panel includes call buttons and floor indicator function. The smooth lines with circular arc shape reflect the perfect combination of simplicity and fashion.

One-Touch dial

Passengers will no longer be trapped in the elevator due to lift failure and unable to call for help from outside.Ensure the users’ safety. Customer can re-set 3 emergency contacts in One-touch system,and it is easy to operate.

Car decoration

Free of collocation, free of choice

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