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Fully upgraded configuration and fully optimized performance

Experience the convenience of intelligent elevator whenever and wherever you want

Aluminum hoistway frame

The 3rd generation frame, luxury and fashionable

Focusing on minimalistic, futuristic aesthetics, V-Series frame enables you to showcase your creativity to design your very own machine like a canvas. The V-series also eases up installing and replacing processes compared to a typical lift.

Control system

The 3rd generation controller, more compact, minimalistic and futuristic

Our 3rd Generation control cabinet integrates our technological advances and also design that pleases you aesthetically. Minimalistic with exquisite workmanship of the new V-Frame, our new control cabinet carries a variety of colors that blends fluidly into the interiors of your home.


The 3rd generation door operating system with safer and enhanced performances!


Panoramic view

  • Smoke grey laminated glass

  • Blue grey laminated glass

Frameless glass door

The 3rd Generation Interactive Technology

Supports integrated smart home system with password protection

Connected by WIFI or 4G that supports software auto-updates, the COP also includes a fingerprint unlock function that prevents trespassing to certain floors.


A circular HB made of a durable alloy that has the functionalities of a hall call button that also displays the floor and running direction.


The new generation HB8 comes with a touch screen digital display that enables a password locking function that only opens the lift doors once unlocked, providing safety and privacy protection for users.

e-Touch III(Standard)


Car decoration

Free of collocation, free of choice.





Wonderful case, let you more exact your choice

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