Living only for the upper villa...

Installation space is free and flexible,can satisfy all kinds of villa.

TRANS homelift according to your preferences, to provide you with high quality products

Fully upgraded configuration, fully optimized performance

Enjoy the convenience by intelligent homelift anytime and anywhere


e-Frame, Elegance appearance, easy installation. If there is no reserved hoistway, we can provide e-Frame shaft to install the lift.Customers can choose different colours to match their preferences and surroundings.We have high quality home lift.

Space utilization ratio

The same building space can obtain a larger load area, and the same load area needs a smaller building space.


The load area increases by 30%

Load area of the general lift
Load area of TRANS homelift


TRANS adopts a unique patent lift motor----e-Motor series,which is equipped with high efficiency machine with reliable and powerful engine.

Control system

The new generation TRANS control system completely breaks the design concept of traditional lift, integrates modern aesthetic elements into the appearance, matches with the most advanced e-Drive control technology, reduces the space greatly and adds more functions by the new design. The breakthrough design has interpreted the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology.

Car decoration

Free of collocation, free of choice

Successful cases make your choise better

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